What does a Town Planning Consultant do?

Town Planning Consultants Melbourne

If you’re developing property, whether it’s apartments or a commercial space, at some point you will need a town planning consultant. And while they will take on the expert work, understanding what a town planning consultant does can save you time and money.

Contrary to what the job title might suggest, they don’t actually plan towns. Instead, they prepare and assess development applications. Depending on the project and the client, this can involve all manner of tasks.

So, let’s have a look at what a town planning consultant actually does.

Town Planning Consultants

Coordinating other consultants

With a strong background in town planning, your consultant should have contacts with all manner of other property development experts, including architects, surveyors, civil engineers and traffic engineers. Your consultant can bring together and manage reliable experts for your project. These experts can then put together an application to be lodged with your local council to get your development underway.

Having an expert consultant take the reins of your development project means they can be the point of contact for all other experts and consultants. This can free up your time and get the job underway more quickly. You can also be confident that your project is progressing without you having to be present at every moment.

Working with council

Your town planning consultant is also your government expert. All proposed developments must be submitted to local council for assessment and approval. Sometimes, they your proposal may even need to be sent to other levels of government.

For quick approval, your application needs to comply with all local, state and federal rules and regulations. These can include regulations about the kind of buildings allowed in the area or how to make sure the building is in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood, as well as safety and environmental regulations, among others.

An experienced consultant can ensure that your application meets these requirements. Rather than you spending valuable time learning complicated rules and regulations, and risking re submission fees if your application fails, you can trust your consultant’s knowledge. Many town planners begin their career working within governments and will therefore be aware of what makes a good application.

Bringing their expertise

You hire a town planning consultant for their expertise. They are someone who has a wealth of knowledge around your project. With this expertise, they can spot potential problems early, saving you time and money. They can also manage your expectations for the project, helping you create realistic timelines and budgets.

They can also assess the potential impact of your development. Your consultant can help you understand environmental, economic and social impacts of your proposed development. Once aware of these impacts, you can choose to make changes or construct arguments for why your development is acceptable as is.

Hiring a town planning consultant is a smart move to save money and time. They can get your project off the ground and running smoothly. They act as the primary point of contact for your development project, liaising with other professionals as well as council, all while providing expertise to benefit your project.