Why Pre-Purchase Inspection is Important before Buying a Property?

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Finding the right house involves a lot of research and careful consideration. Melbourne has a lot to offer, but before buying the property in this city it is essential to ensure that the property is in the right location, value, size and suits your lifestyle. One of the most important procedures to carry out before purchasing a property is pre-purchase inspections.

What Is Pre-Purchase Property Inspection?

It is the visual inspection conducted by a qualified and skilled inspector, who will then provide you with a written report covering the major building defects that have been discovered. For example, building defects may include old wiring, rusting roof, cracking walls, rising damp, rusting roofs and the list go on.

Considering the pre-purchase property inspections in Melbourne will also help you in negotiating with the seller. Also, it supports you finding out whether the house you are going to purchase has any kind of damages. A pre-purchase building inspection conducted by a professional building inspector will cover the following areas:

  • Outdoor space: Drives, paths, fences, retaining walls, clothesline
  • Under-floor area: Timber framing, insulation, ventilation, piles, foundations
  • Indoor services: Electrical, plumbing, drainage, flooring, ceiling
  • Exterior space: Windows, doors, timber finishing, weather-tightness, cladding systems
  • Roof space: Insulation, structure, roofing materials, gutters and chimneys

During the process of pre-purchase inspection overall house elements are considered to save you from future serious issues when the time comes to finalise your finance. Also, to know about the areas that are covered in the inspection, click here. Still, there are many individuals in Melbourne who follow some myths about the pre-purchase, including that conducting this inspection is a waste of time and money. So, to change the perspective of the people, here are the top reasons covering the importance of conducting pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne before the final sale paper is signed.

Why Is It Important To Conduct Pre-Purchase Property Inspections?

Property Inspections Melbourne

  1. Detects The Structural Issues

If the property is structurally weak, then there is a chance of collapse causing severe injuries. Also, there might be the possibility that the structural issue will be nearly impossible to repair without any type of construction. So, verify that the property you are going to purchase conform to the building codes and standards of Australia. If you buy a property that does not conform to these standards, then you can be responsible for the cost of bringing the house up to the code. Getting pre-purchase house inspections can help you avoid buying a building with more structural issues, which saves you both time and money on repairs.

  1. Ensuring Compliance Of Electrical Installations

A house with faulty electrical appliances and wiring can create a dangerous situation that causes a risk of fire or electrocution. When you decide to go for a pre-purchase inspection, the professional building inspector will inspect the items like damaged wire insulation, halogen lights installed without protective covers, malfunctioning plug circuits, electrical installations that are non-compliant or faulty appliances. Also, they will verify whether or not the property has enough amount of smoke detectors. Therefore, perform the building inspection in order to prevent injuries related to electrical wiring or fire.

  1. Estimate The Cost Of Repairs And Maintenance

You might have a thought in your mind that is it worthwhile to invest in a building that needs few repairs because it is available for a discounted price. But, making the final deal without getting a pre-purchase inspection could mean big costs for hidden repair issues. So, if you get pre-purchase building inspections in Melbourne, you will realise what requires to be done to improve the overall appeal of a building solving the major issues. Hiring a professional will provide you with an estimate regarding the cost of repairs and maintenance that need to be done. Also, if you are thinking of renovating, then also inspections are a cost saver.

  1. Discover Other Unsafe Areas Of A Home

When purchasing a property you need to be sure that it is safe and ready to live in. Getting a pre-purchase inspection is a perfect way to thoroughly check the numerous items of the property you are going to purchase. This process will reveal any areas of the house that are unsafe due to the potential presence of asbestos, non-compliant balustrades, poor quality pool fencing, sub-standard decking or other sections of the structure. Uncovering such hazards before any purchase paperwork is signed, provides you with the opportunity to decide if you are ready to pay for the repair costs to make the house safer.

  1. Identifies Illegal Building Alterations

You must have observed the number of properties which had some form of illegal or non-compliant construction work done on them. Be aware, to purchase the property with such kind of illegal alterations as they are not only costly to repair but also risky to your life. While pre-purchase property inspections in Melbourne is being performed, issues like the illegal removal of load-bearing walls, poorly fitted appliances, faulty light fixtures and illegal wiring will be identified. Hence, it is important to perform a pre-purchase inspection to identify any illegal alterations and save future costly repairs.


Whenever you are in the market to purchase a property, the last thing you want to do is investing more time and money on a building inspection. However, it should be on the top of your priority list while purchasing a property. As it will provide you with a peace of mind, knowing that you are purchasing the safe and damage-free property.