14 Common Misconceptions About Pest Control and Pest Inspection

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Having a pest is not a problem, but the problem is when you don’t see them!

Occasionally, all homes run into problems with household pests. Pest control is the ultimate choice to get rid of all your worries regarding pest in your home. But as said, precaution is better than cure, having a professional pre-purchase pest inspection in Melbourne property, is a wise decision before investing your hard-earned wages into the house. For more information, read our blog on the importance of pre-purchase inspection.

The pest problem is considered as one of the biggest hazard that the house owners suffer. As when you are stuck in the situation where to handle the pest infestation is getting worse, then you’ll feel that it’s could have been better if invested in the building and pest inspection Melbourne service, earlier.

Pest Inspection Melbourne

There are several misconceptions related to pests and pest control. Listed below are some of the common misconceptions about pest control and pest inspection in Melbourne.

  1. Out of sight is generally taken as out of mind!

This is the most common thinking that every individual carries, that if you don’t see pests, you don’t have a pest problem. Actually, it is wishful thinking or denial of something you don’t see. Pests that are hard to see are the toughest task to eliminate. Thus, it’s important to opt for professional pre-purchase pest inspection in Melbourne.

  1. More intense smell is always powerful

This is surely the misconception that stronger smell leads to efficient killing. There was a time where all pest spray smells like a chemical plant. But now the time has changed and all low-odour products are on the top of the pest control market.

  1. Every year termite control becomes a necessity

According to the research, it has been observed that there are about 2,000 known termite species in the world. But which does not say that year-long pest control should be adopted, if the correct and efficient method is selected once, then it is enough to make sure safety against pests.

  1. Nearer house pest control treatment is done so now our house will become procreation platform for pests

This thinking is totally false. As the reality is that having done pest control treatment means to kill off the pests in the infected home rather than sending the pests away from the home.

  1. I have not organized my house with wooden furniture, so it doesn’t have any termites

Did you know that termites have lived on Earth for approximately 250 million years and build the largest nests of any insect? They happily eat anything containing cellulose, rather than wood. Whether it is drywall or cardboard in your home they are in danger, so better have a termite inspection or pre-purchase pest inspection in Melbourne done just to be sure.

  1. Cockroaches are infested in dirty and horrible homes

There are approximately 4,000 living species of cockroaches in the world. And these cockroaches really don’t care what sort of housekeeper you are; they simply grow in moist environments. If they find it in your home, they will grow there! So, it doesn’t matter whether the home is nice or horrible.

  1. Pest control spray is efficient and very useful for pest removal

Yes or no. This totally depends upon the level of your pest infestation, what kinds of pests they are and whether they have infected an exterior or interior area of your house.

  1. DIY techniques have the same influence as professional

There are several DIY pest control techniques such as all natural sprays which are inexpensive and also effective but they aren’t powerful or safe enough to handle a larger scope pest problem. Different pests have their different effects on the human body so it is advisable not to take the risk and call a professional.

  1. Pest control is risky to my health

This saying can only be true if you experiment it yourself. As pest control techniques can contain strong chemicals. Otherwise, it is a misconception if you contact professional pest control experts to solve the issue.

  1. Waiting is preferable before you have your home professionally treated for pest control

It is a misconception, as pests multiply fastest ever. Every time you observe a pest whether it a cockroach or termites there are approximately 20 surrounded in your home. They quickly get into the breeding! Therefore, a pest infested home will become infected as long as pest control is not undertaken. In this case, waiting can cause you risk!

  1. One and the only reason to have your home or business serviced for pest control is to get relieved from visible pests

This is also not true! As you already know that every pest you see, there are multiples of hiding cracks that you can’t see which can be termites or small pest in your clothing. So, it is vital to be free from poisonous and disease infected pests that can harm your family. Better opt for professional pest inspectors to have a clear picture about the pest influence on your property.

  1. My home is clean so it will always remain pest free

Cleanliness definitely brings down the chances of infestation but it does not eliminate them completely. So, don’t be in this misconception instead be aware and maintain your home clean plus pest free!

  1. All pest control method is the same

False! Since there are several variables that have taken into consideration when a pest control services in Melbourne put together a comprehensive pest infestation plan.

  1. There is no importance of pest control in the global market

According to the research by Markets and Markets, global insect pest control market is projected to grow from $12.46 billion in 2016 to $17.3 billion by 2022. So this is totally wrong to believe that pest control is not growing in the global market! Believe in pest control techniques and live a healthy and safe life.


As said by Myles Munroe, there is nothing as powerful as a concept and nothing more dangerous than a misconception. So, kill your misconception and opt for the professional building and Pest inspection in Melbourne to keep your money and family safe from pests.