7 Frequently Asked Questions about Building and Pest Inspection

Building and Pest inspection Melbourne,

Melbourne is the second-most populous city in Australia. In which, the average demand for the real estate property is increasing every day. If you are thinking of purchasing a house in Melbourne, then it is considered as an important investment in your life. Therefore, it is essential to know the condition of your home or investment property before making the final purchase.

A reliable building inspection provides you with the essential details that you require to know about your new home. This inspection can be performed along with the pest inspection or other detailed inspections. Both building and pest inspection are different, but important to carry out to know the visual termite damage.

Buying a New Property? Opt For a Pre-purchase Pest Inspection!

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According to the research updated by NASH(National Association of Steel-Framed Housing Inc.), the annual cost of termite damage to houses of Australia varies between $80 million and $780 million. Therefore, when you’re looking to purchase a new home or property, it is essential to arrange pre-purchase pest inspection in Melbourne. It is the thorough inspection of all timber pests inside and outside of a home or building being purchased.

If you want to gain more information regarding building and pest inspection, then go through the below mentioned list of frequently asked questions and answers.

  1. What Does Building And Pest Inspection Involve?

A building and pest inspection is a detailed investigation of your property. All your major areas of the property will be inspected from top to bottom. It involves checking all indoor and outdoor areas including walls, floors, windows, blinds, plumbing systems, doors, gates, fences, pergolas etc. In short, your property structural condition is noted and pests are identified and reported. Here’s the lost of the areas that are not covered in the building inspections.

  1. How Long Does A Building And Pest Inspection Usually Take?

Generally, most of the building and pest inspection carried out by building inspector takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours. The time of inspection can vary, depending on the size, the condition of your building and the number of issues occurs for the building inspector.

  1. Are The Building Inspectors Qualified And Insured?

Yes, all inspectors are trained, qualified and insured. They carry out inspection with relevant licenses and provide you with a detailed report in accordance with the industry regulations.

  1. What Does The Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspection Report Contain?

A perfect building inspection report is considered to be concise, clear and easy to understand. This report lists the significant problems or defects seen in a building, such as cracking in the walls, faulty roofs, rising damp or safety hazards. In short, the report only contains the visual damage.

Pre-purchase pest inspection Melbourne

  1. How Long Will It Take To Get A Building Inspection Report?

Most building inspectors approximately need 2-3 days notice to do a building inspection. After receiving the report, give yourself enough time to make a decision. You should get the seller’s permission to have the property inspected as early as possible. This will help you to decide if the property is worth buying.

  1. Is A Building And Pest Inspection Expensive?

Not as expensive as you think. Buying your dream home is the biggest investment you will make, compare to that the cost of building and pest inspection is minimal. If termite repairs and structural problems are not fixed on time, then they can cause you more in future. Therefore, the smart move is to carry out building inspection before you buy any property. To make it easy on your pocket, here’s our blog on essential tips to save money on inspections.

  1. What Is The Cost Of Building And Pest Inspection?

There is no exact rate for building inspections, as the cost depends on the size of your property. An inspection of a small sized property might cost in between $200 and $300. For a medium-sized house in a regional area, the cost is usually somewhere between $400 and $500.

Final Thoughts:

So, to assure that your dream home doesn’t turn into a terrible nightmare, opt for building and pest inspection!