What Are The Areas Not Covered In Your Building Inspection?

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Property inspection is the process of examination of the current state of a home and it is often done in connection with the sale and purchase of your home. With the increase in real estate properties in Melbourne, people have now realised the importance of getting their properties thoroughly checked before buying or renting them.

Property Inspections in Melbourne help in determining the current condition of your building or property and help in giving you an honest review of the overall condition of the property. With the entire information about the property handy, it gives you the confidence so that you can try and negotiate the prices.

While it is extremely important to get proper building inspections in Melbourne, it is also vital for you to know which points are excluded from it and what are the limitations of a pre-property inspection. Here are a few things that are not covered in property inspections in Melbourne.

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  1. Home Appliances

There are many properties that are sold with built-in appliances, like air conditioner, oven, ducted vacuum, etc. The property inspector cannot check if these appliances are working or not, so make sure that you inspect them yourself if the prices of those appliances are included in the property selling price.

  1. Sizes and The Layouts Of the Rooms

Melbourne Property inspections do not include checking if your old furniture will fit into your new rooms or not. Therefore, before you hire a property inspector, make sure that you already decide if you will keep your old furniture or not.

  1. Electrical Wiring and Smoke Detectors

According to the basic inspection rules, the electric wiring and smoke detectors installed in your homes are not included in house inspections in Melbourne. However, when you look at a property it is highly recommended that you do not overlook these when it comes to assessing your property.

  1. Air Conditioners

Moving into any property with a poorly maintained air conditioner can be a major turn-off and make you experience a variety of problems. You might also incur high running costs if the units that came with your property do not function properly.

Therefore, it is recommended that you ask for an AC inspection. Although it is not included in a standard house inspection in Melbourne, it is advised that you hire special air conditioning experts that can do it for you.

  1. Swimming Pools, Fireplaces and Other Equipment

Fireplaces, chimneys and swimming pools are not included in any standard house inspections in Melbourne. It is because they are not common property areas. Thus, these will be inspected only once you have requested for getting a special inspection.

  1. Plumbing, Drainage and Gas

A standard building inspection in Melbourne basically consists of providing information on the basis of visual inspection. Therefore, checking the plumbing and drainage comes under an additional examination. Make sure you check these factors before you go ahead with the negotiation part of any property.

  1. Safety Issues and Other Health Risks

In Melbourne, property inspections will not include checking if your property has toxic and hazardous materials present in them or not. The inspectors will also not check if your building’s surroundings are prone to landslides, floods or erosions. It is thus recommended that you carry out a proper research about all your health and safety concerns before participating in a negotiation for the property.


Thus, a standard building inspection includes the detection of areas of your homes such as exterior walls, driveways, garage, driveways, ceilings, etc. So, if you are still concerned about the areas which are not covered in your building inspection in Melbourne, you can always ask for a special inspection. A building inspection consultant or expert will be able to guide you through all the information about the areas that do not fall under their scope of the inspection.